Live Documents Disclaimer -- “The Writings about the 153 Words of God”

These Writings of Floyd E. Taylor are “Live Documents” of the knowledge of the “The 153 Words of God” that are the foundation of the ”the Pure Language of God” as the Lord has revealed to Floyd E. Taylor. To learn the Pure Language and to understand the meaning of each Word of God has been an on-going process that of increasing in knowledge, precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little. This means that the Lord does not download all knowledge in an instant. He guides us to learn it line upon line, and a little here and a little there. What that truly means is that ever verse in the Bible has bascially two languages, and thus it requires much thought and it requires petitioning of Heaven to come to the Understanding. As your understanding grows of His 153 Holy Words of His Pure Language, the verses become clearer and more clear. The big issue that we all have, and Floyd also claims that he had and in some small ways still has, is these are false theories taught us from man's creative ideas. They are many traditions of what man guesses the Bible is saying, that we often accept a verse to mean something where there is no direct Scripture to back it up. We accept these false teachings because well known TV preachers and speakers teach it. Or, in some cases there are verses that man has completely applied his assumptive ideas that a verse has a meaning, and he did not try to understand if there was another meaning in the Language of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is now shown to be basic fact that without the knoweldge of the 153 Words of God that make up the foundation of His Pure Language, it is impossible to accurately translate the meaning of the Scriptures. However, this knowledge is easy to understand only since the Lord has poured out His Spirit on Floyd and he was not rebellious, but rather he was diligent to zealously seek the knowledge of His Words and then the understanding of His Works and His Ways in the Scriptures. Floyd continues to daily seek the face of the Lord to receive instruction and to grow in knowledge. Therefore that means that Taylor is continuously increasing in the knoweldge of the Pure Language of God and the Ways of His Yoke of Good. But Floyd is still a human person who was hungry to learn knowledge from his youth. As a result Taylor learned all the same traditional doctrines of the End Times from such early scholars as Clarence Larkin and others, including all the leading End Time teachers of this day. Thus, Taylor sometimes finds that in some of his early writings, even up to earlier this year, he has incorporated a few of their old traditions - such as their interpretations of Daniel's 70th week being the 7 years of what they are caling the Great Tribulation. Recently the Lord clarified to Floyd from the Scriptures that not only was that tradition not in accordance with the fullness of the Scriptures, but it was such an important false teaching issue that it has likely kept millions of people from coming to the Understanding of the Glorious Event of the coming Kingdom that the Lord has planned for them. This knowledge was not known to Floyd earlier, as it was revealed by the Lord in an on-going process of the Lord increasing His anointed messenger with the knowledge of the Pure Language and with the knowledge of the Plan for the Lord's Kingdom of Light that He is bringing forth upon the earth so that He can raise up a people who will hear Him and who will obey Him to come to the knowledge of Truth - the knowledge of the Good News of His 153 Words that are the Foundation of His Pure Language so that they are able to go forth and fulfill the Covenant of God that before the End, He would cause a people to be raised up who will be filled with the knowledge of the Way of His Good Works and be able to enable Him so cause the knoweldge of the Glory of the Lord to fill all the earth as the Waters covers the Sea. Therefore Floyd requires that we make you aware that he reserves the right by necessity of an increasing knowledge, to go back into any Writing and update it as the Lord gives him greater and greater Understanding. This means that these Writings are teachings are all Living Documents that will be increased in clarity and understanding as the Lord continues to expand Floyd's knowledge of the Scriptures. This is also very much in agreement with and in accordance to, the teaching of the Lord in the Way that He teaches knowledge to those whom He Will, as is made known by the Lord in Isaiah 28:9-16:

May you See and Hear; and May you Inherit His Kingdom,