Aug 22, 2007 The Lost Language of the Ages Has Been Found The Day of the Lord is a Jewish Day, and it has come upon all of us as a snare. We are now living in the times of the Evening of the Day of the Lord. It is the time of the sword, when we must choose whether to receive His call and to eat the food of the Kingdom at the Table that He has prepared for us so that we increase in knowledge of God and of things to come. In this the Evening, the Lord is separating His Peoples into His Kingdoms by their choice to receive or not to receive Understanding of His speech of Pure Words- Zeph. 3:8-9. But, the Evening is already fast fleeting, and soon it will be the Midnight Hour. At the Midnight Hour, Judgment comes upon all of us is fast approaching. At Midnight the Lord will separate the Worthy and the Unworthy. The Lord says that those found Worthy will be kept safe, secure, and they will prosper in Good Works in the Night until that time during the Night when the Lord calls them up to Him in the event known as the Rapture. But, for the Unworthy, the time of the Night is a time of great troubles and sorrow, for they are the Left Behind, and when the Rapture call comes, they will not hear the Trumpet. This Presentation will guide you in understanding the Day of the Lord and why it is truly the time to prepare yourself and your household for the Midnight Hour if you expect to escape what is to come upon the earth as is Promised within Biblical Prophesy. Use this Presentation for in-home Bible Study. Part 1 of 1st Presentation, 5A-1C
Aug 23, 2007 Where Does Our Souls Go When We Die We are living in the times of the Day of the Lord and the Midnight Judgment is fast approaching. It is time to increase in Knowledge of the Way of God, the Will of God and the Plans of god so that one can understand the decision that they are now making, for at the Midnight Judgment all people will be separated by their works, and without knowledge we are unable to understand what is coming and the way to avoid becoming nothing but food for the beasts in God's prisons. Everyday soldiers and civilians alike are dying, have they been taught the knowledge of God's prisons that are revealed in the Scriptures? Have you taught your family why to fear God? Do you know what is happening to the worms harboring the souls of those found unworthy as they writhe in Hades, Sheol, and Death? What do you think those in Paradise are doing at this very moment? Do you know where are the dragons and the Behemoth and what terrible things that they are doing at this very moment? This Presentation 002 is a great tool for in-home Bible Study. Perhaps you have the capability to view it on your TV, and use it family or group discussions. Part 1 of 2nd Presentation, 8A-1A

Part 2 of 2nd Presentation, 8A-1b
Aug 27, 2007 The Kingdom of God is Rising Take Notice that there are Corrections advised of within this Description: This Presentation explains the coming forth of the Kingdom of God, as well as the requirements for entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. It reveals from Scripture that before the Saints can be Raptured the Lord will first cause the Saints to be purified and refined by His Pure Words and by in increase in Knowledge, so that He can present the bride to Himself at the Rapture of the Night as a Pure Bride that is without Spot or Wrinkle. The Presentation reveals that at the Midnight Hour Judgment in 3 years, the Lord will Seal His Saints into the Kingdom of Heaven. Prior to that they must receive the Kingdom of God and increase in knowledge of God, and that we must reach this Good News of His Kingdom to all the earth. This Presentation reveals what the nations, especially America and Israel, must do to get ready for the Midnight Judgment so as to escape the troubles that are coming upon the earth. Please note that the Timing Charts in this Presentation are not correct. This is the original Presentation and it was a joint effort with the late John Westfall in 2007. The Lord caused this knowledge of His Words to be opened at Passover 2003.5. I wrote the first book of the Words in 2004. But, the knowledge of His Words - His Truth was actually opened in 2003. Thus, John wanted to add a year of caution to the presentation, so the charts were moved to begin with the 2004 writing and not the actual opening of His Words. That was an error that I apologize for doing. In later writings and presentations I have corrected this error and the charts properly begin with Passover 2003. Take notice that the beginning of the Ezekiel 38 War is very hard for people to comprehend, and for myself. The truth is that the Ezekiel 38 War is a War of the 5th Beast Kingdom, like the 5th Beast Kingdom, began long ago and the War has excelleration times. The leaders of the nations secretly signed a One World Order Treaty at the Beijing Olympics, inclusive of a document that causes the sale and movement, inclusive of market price, of all precious metals to be signed off on by China, USA, and Russia. Thus, the One World Order officially began this time in 2008. The actual beginning of the movement of the war was launched in October 2009 when the uprising of the Middle East nations began to be launched, and the Lord also declared His Kingdom is ready for His people to call it forth by His Name; however they do not know His Name - Rev. 19:11-13 - for they have not known His Pure Words. The Lord has verified that Midnight came at Passover 2010. On July 6th, 2010, the Queen of England, representing the 13 Families and their Crowne Trust, declared a call, at the Unitce Nations in NYC, for Global Peace and Safety (As it was called in UK papers prior to the speech) and spoke clearly that the time had come to go forward with their Global Program that they have prepared. Since that time the deceitful program to establish the One World Order has been in full swing. This means they have set their palace between the seas (The peoples, nations, multitudes, and tongues - Rev. 17:15) and God's Throne that is called within the Bible as the Holy Mount Zion. According to Daniel 11:44-45, when the called people who hear His Voice awake, turn, repent and call upon His awake and call upon His Name - in the Ways of His Holy Words - then the Lord shall rise up and help the people who call upon His Name. And then His Kingdom will come forth on the earth. The reason that the schedule is off is because the Kingdom comes forth when the bride of Christ awakens, and in my worst scenario considerations of 2007, I could never imagine that the bride would still be ignoring His Call to come to the knowledge of His Words of Wisdom by Midnight in March 2010. And never could I imagine that they would still be blind to His Truth in October 2011. The coming of the Kingdom of God cannot come until the people turn and call a Holy Assembly (Joel 2). A Holy Gathering is only possible through the people receiving the knowledge of His 153 Holy Words, and then becoming zealous to learn of His Truth and how to enable His Words. It is the entrance of His Words that gives Light per Ps. 119:130, and God is Light per 1 John 1:5, and God is Holy. That affects the Timing Charts, for God intervenes for the sake of the Called Out ones. If they do not awake, turn, and call out, then they will perish like at Noah's flood - Mt. 24:22, Mk. 13:20. For the Lord said in Mt. 23:37-39 that He will not come to intervene until they say Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord - and the Name of the Lord is the Word of God the Father per Rev. 19:11-13. And the Lord is not coming until the bride has prepared herself - Rev. 19:7. Only then will He come, intervene to remove the 5th Beast Kingdom - Dan. 7:9-14, and grant to the bride the right to put the linen of Good Works that pleases Him onto her White Garment so that she is spotless for His Coming to take her after she has put her linen onto her White Garment, for only then is she ready for Him to present her to Himself. Also, please read the Live Documents Disclaimer Part 1 of 3rd Presentation, 2A-1A

Part 2 of 3rd Presentation, 2A-1b

Part 3 of 3rd Presentation, 4A-1A

Part 4 of 3rd Presentation,4A-1A

3rd Presentation, Addendum 1

Dec. 26, 2007 The Last Revival Has Come By Light! This Writing provides the overview of the Last Invitation Revival - the Revival of Light that the Bible reveals comes in the time of the Evening of the Day of the Lord. This Writing reveals from the factual basis of the Scriptures that we have now entered into the time of the third invitation, the Last Call by the Lord for us to prepare ourselves for the Judgment of the Midnight Hour when the Lord will separate the Worthy from the Unworthy. This is the Last Opportunity for His People to open their eyes and turn, repent, and become prepared for the Rapture that the Lord reveals in Luke 17:34 will come in the Time of the Night of the Day of the Lord. This is a shocking Writing that is firmly supported by the Scriptures, and it should bring every person who loves the Lord to their knees before the Lord, for this Writing will show you from the Scriptures that we are not as rich in the Spirit of the Lord and we are not as filled with wisdom of the Scriptures as we say that we are. This Writing also reveals facts from meetings with leaders of nations that proves that these leaders are intentionally deceiving their own citizens in order to bring forth Satan's one world kingdom. This Writing reveals why the Lord is going to bring this revival to the World, and it reveals that He has foretold that this revival would begin from San Antonio, Texas. This Writing is presented in a PowerPoint Slide Presentation format, so as to enable the Writing to be used for Sermon Presentations and for Bible Studies, both in large groups and in the home. It is a perfect presentation to be viewed by individuals on a PC screen, or by families and via connection to large Flat Screen TV's in the home or in meeting. (Released in December 2007) 4th Presentation, 12a-1a

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